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Election Day is Wednesday 16th May and it is important that Islanders have a keen understanding of the important issues before they exercise their vote.

I clearly understand that many problems spring to mind in the areas of Education, the Environment, Health and Housing to name a few.

However, one matter dominates all others, which is the steadily increasing population of Jersey.

The situation is now getting out of hand and for straightforward economic reasons, controlling immigration is not the answer. Jersey’s long term resident population is now well over 100,000, which means that the Island is generating its own population growth.

Recently, you may have heard a “scare story” or even an accurate prediction that—at current growth rates—Jersey will need to build 230 Le Marais high rise blocks over the next 17 years.

I am aware that our government is already planning for a population level of 130,000. There is a good reason for selecting that figure, because that is when our current infrastructure will no longer cope.

Jersey will need—a new reservoir, an additional sewerage works, another secondary school with supporting primary schools, yet another hospital in addition to the one being designed now and, I can safely say, a number of significantly sized homes for the elderly, with facilities for dealing with the mentally impaired as well as the physically disabled.

You may well ask where all the capital funding is coming from, let alone the future running costs.

As may be clear, the size of the population directly affects all other areas of Island life and I propose to tackle this problem “head on” at the earliest possible juncture.

If you would like to contribute to solving this major problem, or assist my election campaign, please “contact me”.

Restricting population growth will be my No.1 Priority, so please consider giving me one of your votes in St. Helier 3/4.

Thank you

Guy de Faye