Why Guy?

Nomination of Guy de Faye as Candidate for Senator

Tuesday 9th August 2016

I am Michael Millar and I stood here just under two years ago to propose Guy de Faye as a candidate for Senator. I am very pleased to do so again.

Guy has considerable experience of States matters having served as a Deputy in St Helier and additionally as Minister of Transport and Technical Services and, if elected, he has made it clear that he intends “to hit the ground running”.

Recently, Guy has worked on a consultative basis for Islanders who have experienced difficulties with government, which has given Guy an extensive insight of poor decision making and unfair bureaucracy.

However, Guy is not only a perceptive critic with an eye for detail, but he is also a problem solver with a capacity for creativity and lateral thinking at all levels.

He was personally responsible for the hugely popular beach showers installed around the Island and was the driving force behind the successful and profitable Jersey Heritage holiday lets, making practical use of a number of Jersey’s coastal fortifications. A project that is ongoing and has even seen a visit to Seymour Tower featured on the BBC Coast series.

In our current circumstances Guy’s priority will be finding mechanisms to tackle Jersey’s continuing population growth, which is imposing considerable strain on the economy and public services and needs limiting.

He will also propose a solution to Jersey’s morning peak time traffic congestion and wishes to develop a new approach to running local utilities to produce greater benefit to the public who are either major shareholders or owners of these companies.

When it comes to political reform, Guy is an outspoken supporter of the role of Senator and will campaign to retain and extend the Island wide vote. He is also opposed to the imposition of “collective responsibility” on Jersey’s executive government, which has simply succeeded in stifling democracy.

Guy’s public speaking abilities are well known and he will provide much needed energy and intelligence to debates in the States Assembly.

Guy is readily approachable by all sections of the community and he can be relied upon to provide common sense solutions and straight talking leadership.

In these difficult economic times I urge Islanders to elect Guy de Faye.